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The bicycle is becoming another urban means of transport. The maintenance-free 4th generation city bike system is operated by MPK Lublin. All bikes have been equipped with on-board Smart-Lock computers that allow for return both at stations and return zones. We have designed the system so that registration, rental and return are as simple as possible and facilitate moving around the city.

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Step 1

Register on the site lubelskirower.pl or in the mobile application
Google Play, App Store

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Step 2

Top up your account in the mobile application or on the website lubelskirower.pl

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Step 3

Launch the app and scan the QR code on the back of the bike. The rear wheel clamp will open automatically

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Step 4

After the ride, leave the bike in any station and close the rear wheel clamp

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TARIFF (price brutto)

Registration fee for the duration of the promotion - PLN 1 from March 21 to April 30, 2023


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Each ride during the promotion is free within 24 hours
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A full set of tools to facilitate the use of the Lublin City Bike on your smartphone

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Download it from Google Play or AppStore - register, top up, locate stations, check the status of bikes at stations and account balance, book and rent as easily as possible.
After the ride, rate your rental by giving it the appropriate number of stars.

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How it works?

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Quick Start

Quick start

  1. Register via the mobile application or at lublin.filfri.eu If you register via the mobile application, fill in all your data. If you are registering via the website, click the activation link that you will receive in the registration e-mail.
  2. Log in to your account in the application or at lublin.filfri.eu and make a transfer of at least PLN 1 (having a balance of PLN 1 is the amount necessary to rent a bike. If the balance is lower - the rental will not be possible).
  3. You can rent a bike by scanning the QR code in the application located at the back of the bike standing in the station or return zone.
  4. You can return the bike by placing it in a selected position in one of the 129 stations of the Lublin City Bike and close the Smart O-Lock clamp. The bike will be automatically returned, and your application will receive a notification about the correct return.
  5. If all stands in the station are full, place the bike as close as possible to the stand in the selected station and close the Smart Lock clamp. If you return outside a designated station, an additional fee may apply.
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Bicycle rental

  1. Download the Filfri app from Google Play or AppStore, register and make an initial payment of at least PLN 1.
  2. Scan the QR code on the back of the bike in the app and wait about 3-5 seconds for the Smart O-Lock on the rear wheel to open.
  3. Download the selected bike from the station and enjoy riding the Lublin City Bike.
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Bike return

  1. Put your bike in a selected position at any station or return zone of the Lublin City Bike.
  2. Close the Smart Lock clamp located at the rear of the bicycle.
    The system will automatically recognize the return of the bike.
    If you make a return outside the station or the System's operating zone, an additional fee may be charged.
  3. When the station is full, leave the bike as close to the selected station as possible. The system will automatically recognize the return of the bike. If you return too far from the station, you may be charged an additional fee.


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