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About LRM

LRM, i.e. Lubelski Rower Miejski provides an alternative form of transport, allowing its users to move around the city fast. LRM – about 1000 bicycles located in almost 100 stations.



Initial fee 10 zł
Deposit at audio guide rental time 100 zł

Fee for renting a bike

From 0 to 20 minutes: 0 zł
From 21 to 60 minutes: 1 zł
Second hour: 3 zł
Third and successive hour: 4 zł

Fee for renting an audio guide

Up to 3 hours 8 zł
Up to 8 hours 16zł

Notification by letter regarding violations of the Rules 10 zł**
Fee for extending the 12-hour rental period 200
Fee related to violations of bike rental 200
Value of the bike in case of theft or damage 2000
Value of the audio guide in case of theft or damage 1500

Fees provided in the Table include VAT